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Looking for a full stack growth marketeer? My experience ranges from service design to paid marketing campaigns on Adwords, Facebook & Instagram.
growth hacking
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Through human centric design and co-creation we can

achieve a new dimension of humanity!

About me

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Growth Marketeer

Irina Damascan

Experienced designer with a background in marketing, design and business. Growth hacker since I was a toddler 😉

I’m originally from Bucharest, Romania where I’ve started my first consulting agency in PR, marketing and business development dedicated to businesses in creative industries and architects& designers in particular in 2012. In 2014, I shut down my activity there and moved abroad to Amsterdam where I’ve been living since. I founded a second company on bike sharing in 2015. Since 2016, I’ve been doing startup advising and consulting again as a freelance mostly in creative industries but also in tech and cycling.

Having 6+years in consulting, working across industries qualifies me as a strong stakeholder manager for projects ranging from tech and software consulting to design and digital services.  I have applied my skills in communication and social media, marketing strategies and growth designed roadmaps to product development in SaaS platforms and hardware for driving wearable data.

I am most passionate about designing growth engines by understanding key metrics that drive a company or a startup to engage more with their audience.

Super hero power: reframing! Having experienced many changes of perspective in the last few years, I’ve developed a special skill in zooming in and out to be able to reframe how a concept aligns with implementation strategies and how we design businesses and business models. Looking forward to use my super power as much as possible!

I’m all about white hat solutions!

Either be it using tools, marketing automation or sales tricks, I drive growth using SEO and content creation, inbound channel strategies, marketing & sales funnels design and even wireframing your website and redesigning your landing page to correspond your target audience and get better lead generation sourcing from organic traffic.

Always learning new things so happy to chat about your strategy and what worked& didn’t work for you! See services I develop and implement as a freelance but also in collaboration with several talented teams in PR, Webdesign, Product design, Architecture Services and more.