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Creative, consulting, Amsterdam
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Creative industries consulting with design thinking practice

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Supporting startups and companies create intelligent roadmaps to engage more with their audiences

Every step counts

Consulting services

Startup consulting

Asking the nitty-gritty questions is a new business idea can be the most important step you make before going to execute anything. The expertise in creative industries, working with business incubators and training programs we have as a backbone of this consulting service will help address these questions so you won’t fail in your plans for launching a startup.

Business planning and pitch deck writing are the key deliverables for you to go further and we can make them together!

Service Design

Designing a user journey and understanding how the revenue model is shaped by the relationship you have with your customer are tough strategical steps to make at any stage of a company. With a design thinking approach and the right industry knowledge, we can help design new services, marketing packages for your current line of products/services and help driving innovation from the core of your company.

Deliverables can take the form of a user journey mapping with touchpoints on where customer behavior can be leveraged in your favor, or marketing plans on how to sell better your products/services in a new way.

Business development

Entering a new market? Understanding the customer profile is at the core of what any marketer does, but in business development it’s even more important to have the right target market in order to expand. Expertise we offer is mainly in the B2B sector and governmental sector.

Deliverables: business development strategy next to a sales funnel and a step by step approach to getting clients and meetings.

Creative solutions

Looking for an experience designer for an event, a space or a training program and you need a creative and flexible approach? We’re looking at experience in a holistic way, always zooming in and out from the business approach to the customer experience.

Deliverables: Roadmaps for event planning and experience design solutions.

Every step counts

Consulting services

Lead creative

Irina Damascan

Experienced growth designer with a background in marketing, design and business. Over the last 5 years in consulting, working across industries, I have applied my skills in projects ranging from communication and social media, marketing strategies and growth designed roadmaps to product development in SaaS platforms and hardware for driving wearable data. I am most passionate about designing growth engines by understanding key metrics that drive a company or a startup to engage more with their audience.

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